Endless gentle slopes of vine, wide fields, a rich diversity of vegetation, an ancient, in itself resting, cultivated countryside – WEINVIERTEL – that’s our homeland and assignment as well. Our family is cultivating farmland and vineyards surrounding the village Gaweinstal since generations. We are also consistent with this concept: Bread and Wine – the essence of life! Due to our estate concept, we have the freedom to select only sites with outstanding geological and climatic conditions for our vines.

Our claim is to capture the calm and harmony of Weinviertel in our wines. Because that’s one fact that makes wine to a great wine: perfect balance. Continental climate combined with calcareous loam soils forms out best conditions for growing elegant white and red wines.

“As much as necessary but as few as possible”- this minimalistic principle is used from the vineyard management through vinification till bottling, because we are sure: only simplicity can lead to real complexity. We offer an answer to industrial food production by giving our products enough space for individual development and disclaim unnecessary treatments. As a result, we earn honestly made wines of timeless beauty, creating room for thinking and gratifying human hearts. “Authenticity referring to pedigree and vintage are our main requests on winemaking”
Johannes Pfeffer

The terroir of Kaiserstrasse
The oldest even preserved part of the former road between the cities Vienna and Brünn is called Kaiserstrasse. On its way, it’s crossing the so called Schrickerberg, the highest elevation of our region. Along this road of great history our vines are cultivated on the same named, south sided slopes that favours viticulture particularly. Already Napoleon and other generals or kings used this unique place as an important strategic position for military actions. Nowadays a symbolic stone of nations is reminding of the changing history of this place.